Radiant diva – how to style with yellow

A few weeks ago Pantone announced the colour of the year 2021 and it’s Pantone 13-0647 illuminating, a bright shiny yellow hand in hand with the grey tone Pantone 17-5104 ultimate gray. Great opportunity to have a closer look on yellow colours in architecture and interior design.

Classic tones and modern gold

Yellow brings warmth into design, ensures cheerfulness and liveliness, radiance and strength. It brings the proverbial sun into our rooms and thus ensures a positive, relaxed atmosphere. Therefore, yellow tones are particularly suitable for communication rooms and can also be used as an accent color to highlight individual areas.

Delicate tones such as eggshell and vanilla are real classics and have been popular for decades. But also strong tones like mustard yellow and golden yellow mix up the interior properly and are popular at the moment.

But yellow is also a little diva and seems a little difficult at first glance. It doesn’t match with everything, but with a little sensitivity it makes for real blasts. Golden, rich yellow tones look elegant and luxurious. They are inspiring and inviting, stimulating and exhilarating. Light yellow tones reflect the light particularly well and make rooms look wider.

How to combine it with other tones and materials

Beige and eggshell shades go very well with bright, natural surfaces such as whitewashed walls and bright wood. Due to their warm color temperature, they have an unexcited, friendly touch and ensure a pleasant atmosphere of wellbeing. You can’t go wrong, but you can also go a step further. Because strong, clear yellow is a hit!

Design elements in these tones are particularly effective with dark, cooler colors and create a great contrast. Gray, black or dark blue tones are the perfect basis for making rich yellow tones shine brilliantly and, as an opponent, always cool and casual. On the other hand, warm, Mediterranean-like yellow tones harmonize particularly well with equally warm colors and wood tones. Ocher and warm orange, for example, go well with brown leather or dark wood and when combined give a rather rustic, cozy note.

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