living- and dining-area – how it looks like a unit but each area appears unique at the same time

This week Kathrin had a very interesting question and I am sure some of you also want to know how to design your living- and dining-area that it appears as whole but each area also keeps it’s special character.

So at first you should look for a straight line. Find a basic interior-style that fits to both areas, that you love and feel comfortable with. It’s great if you keep it straight and simple, so you can play with the details much better. Those consistent style makes both areas appear as one related space. Take materials and colors that emerge in living-zone as well as in dining-zone so you feel the relation and balance between.

To give every area its unique atmosphere you should underline its character. A dining-area is a more communicative space. You could find a beautiful extraordinary pendant light, a strong, vitalising wall-colour or some other eye-catcher to upgrade that space. Think about the atmosphere you would love to create.

Your lounge-area should be a place to relax and find some calm. Maybe you love to read or to sit and talk. So make it cozy and special. Take huge pillows, natural materials and muted colors to underline that atmosphere. Take your basic style and bring a second cozy layer into.

It’s one of the most important things in interior design to create a whole space but to keep the different character and atmosphere of the single zones. That makes a multilayered, interesting home.

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