Tidy up – Tips to start refreshed into 2021 with ease

Wow, only a few days till Christmas. What a crazy year! So many new things we had to deal with: illness and fear, social distancing and closed schools/kindergardens, home office and zoom meetings… And at least the next months will be challenging as well.

But now is the right time to change your state form „confused and exhausted“ into „ready for a new happy (and maybe challenging) year“.

My strategy always is to finish the old year with tiding up my office and making literarily space for new things. New amazing ideas, wonderful new projects and clients, lovely people and moments… It helps so much to release things you don’t want to take care of anymore, to prepare and motivate for the new year, to become calmer during Christmas because you know what you’ve done. And it will bring you so much new energy! Maybe you’ll feel drained and empty after your cleaning but also this is a great condition for a new beginning.

You’re struggling with tiding up and don’t know where to start? I’ll get you, I know it could be so overwhelming.

So here are three tips that will make it much easier for you to start:

1) Don’t feel ashamed for your mess!

It’s okay to be overwhelmed and helpless, accept that. And make a decision to change it!

No, you’re not weird. Believe me, most of us have to deal with chaos from time to time. But from my daily work with my clients I know how much energy it costs, how helpless you could feel. But feeling ashamed will not make it better. Instead you should look forward motivated. Because you can do that!

2) Start small!

The enthusiastic goal to tidy up your whole house in 2 days will destroy your plans within 2 hours. Because you’ll feel exhausted and frustrated soon, the end far away and much more mess around you. You’ll pause your plan, scrolling through old photos and magazines from the 90ies and finally quit. My stratgey: Start with only one drawer, a cupboard or your desk. Focus on that, stay in track. Completely doable! And be proud after you finished!

3) Set a timer!

Start with 15 minutes in the morning and go all in for that short span of time. You’ll see that you can change a lot. Go for 15 minutes in the afternoon or evening again or even extend your time. But take smaller steps and celebrate every single one. Make it a funny challenge and have fun.

When all that is done you’ll be ready to create new things in 2021! Maybe a make-over for your home that lifts you up. And don’t worry, if you don’t feel confident enough or don’t know how to start, I’ll come along and give you options to benefit from my architectural experience. For example my 4 weeks course that will start again in the beginning of 2021. If you want to get more details soon then sign up for the waiting list, not binding. My next course will start in March 2021. Sign up for the waiting list here

Don’t want to wait? No worry, 3 spots 1:1 mentoring are available for January 2021. Send me a mail here hello@studiokristinengel.com

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