Wall color white – Why your white shouldn’t be white

A topic that almost every time comes up in my 1: 1 online and on-site consultations here in Berlin is the subject of wall color. „We would then leave the rest white!“ Supplemented perhaps with „We like it rather simple and reduced“, „That is such a classic tone“, „You can’t go wrong“

But: No, don’t do that!

I totally understand that people long for a calm wall design and keep the design of some areas particularly simple. But pure white is not the first choice for this! It appears sterile and cold, and can even be very exhausting to sensitive eyes. Pure White can be uncomfortable, especially when exposed to light. You probably know this from sunny winter days when the snow reflects the light. It can be very uncomfortable then.

So choose your wall color a shade darker, off-white. This can be a very faint shade of grey that looks more like a dirty white. „Eggshell white“ or very warm beige.

Or you pick up a color of the room, the interior and decor, and use it as the basis for your „dirty white“ by adding a touch of the color to it. Then it could be a warm white with a red-tone or a cooler hint of blue.

You will see that it is often not even noticed that it is not “real white”. Nevertheless, it is so much more pleasant for your eyes and it will fit so wonderfully to your design. You’ll create a softer design with ease.

Give it a try!

White wall colour with a touch of warm grey – SKE Apartment Berlin
studio kristin engel Berlin

White with a hint of rosé – warm and feminine combined with cool furniture
studio kristin engel Berlin

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